Google launched in January 2019 the program Study Jams, study groups complementary to the monthly community meetups GDG Cloud in Spanish with content from Google Developers. The objective of the Study Jams is to increase the technical competence of the members of our community through face-to-face courses. These trainings give the members of our community a series of skills that can be used for personal and professional development.

Thanks to this program we joined the IES Comercio of Logroño, to organize two days of training of three days of work, one for the students in the morning and one for the students of afternoon, in total more than 80 students. ThisGoogle Cloud Training, trains you with the management, work, administration of the Google Cloud environment.
Topics such as infrastructure management, creation of networks, automatic self-scaling, management of internal, external and external load balancers have been taught. global, work with docker or introduction to kubernetes among others.

The students have worked and created real laboratories using Qwiklabs   and they have been able to create and manage, through directed practices, all the concepts during three days with a total of 18 hours of training. 

MARIO EZQUERRO, Cloud architect in Nter





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