Miguel Fernández Morales, CEO of Nter, has met with the President of the Government of La Rioja, José Ignacio Ceniceros, to inform him of the new creation of the Nter firm, and the entrepreneurship plan and the contribution to job growth in La Rioja . Nter, born to solve new technological challenges and specializes in software development, implementation of systems in the cloud and using cutting edge technologies like IoT and software robots to connect and automate processes. Deployment of secure systems with the technology Blockchain and advanced data analytics to improve business decision making.

José Ignacio Ceniceros has praised and thanked Fernandez Morales for his “permanent bet for entrepreneurship and job creation in La Rioja “, which began with the Bosonit Foundation in May 2015 and continues with the Nter consultancy, which has been headquartered for a month in the Technology-Based Business Incubator of La Rioja and has 25 employees.


Nter has its headquarters in the Business Incubator of La Fombera in Logroño and has 25 employees

In this sense, Miguel has indicated that the growth of Bosonit and Nter is due to the demand for the services they offer and has reminded that Bosonit has closed its turnover in 2018 with more than 2.5 million euros and the forecast of exceeding 6 million euros this year 2019 and that has More than 80 employees. In this regard, he pointed out that this technology company has financed 18 scholarships, has incorporated 30 students in paid internships and has invested more than 300,000 euros in training and innovation.



Bosonit trajectory

Created by the entrepreneur Miguel Fernández Morales, Bosonit began its journey in the Nursery of Technological Base Companies of La Rioja in 2015 and there remained until the summer of 2017, the two years established for the initial stay of young innovative companies. Currently, the main headquarters of the firm, which has delegations in Bilbao, Zaragoza and London, is located on Portales street in Logroño

Bosonit specializes in data analysis and is dedicated to helping its clients design, build, improve and optimize information systems incorporating data analysis and visualization techniques. Experts in capture, storage, transformation and data management; as well as in the generation of relevant and significant information and the development of cognitive and intelligent solutions based on data. This technological company has been incorporating specialized professionals and among its clients it has large companies such as Banco Santander, Sacyr, & Henneo Group, EROSKI Group or El Corte Inglés. They also include public administrations among their clients.

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